How to Use Mobile Apps To
10X Your Reach, Impact & Monetize
your message with your own ecourses

Next LIVE webinar is
Thursday September 30th at 11am PST / 2pm EST

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Hosted by Robert Evans
Co-Founder of ActionEra™
Creator of the Expert App Platform

In this 90-minute webinar you'll learn...

  • 6 ways mobile apps change the marketing game for experts and small businesses

  • Why a "Push" list is 200% more engaging than an email list and how that can translate to more income

  • 4 proven ways to buid your list and drive traffic to your courses

  • How apps compare to other common marketing approaches resulting in 10x the reach, impact and income

  • Why delivering a course through an app is more effective than most online platforms

  • The different types of courses you can sell and build ranging from ready-to-go courses that you sell for $20 to courses you create around your message that you can sell for $5k+

  • An understanding on why apps are the platform to leverage now and the power of being an early adopter in the small business space (currently less than 1% of small businesses have their own app)

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  • BONUS #1: A Premium listing in our Xpert Insights mobile app as an expert to get ongoing exposure to your business

  • BONUS #2: We'll turn your ebook into a viral marketing tool or have you write a chapter for one of our ebooks

  • BONUS #3: Free ebook copy of the The Ultimate Course Formula, which is the leading book on creating online courses

How to Use Mobile Apps To
10X Your Reach, Impact & Income

Webinar Replay from September 15th
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How to Use Mobile Apps To
10X Your Reach, Impact & Income

Webinar Replay - August 25th
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To schedule a call with Robert to discuss an app for your business...
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Three Most Asked Questions

How do I get downloads to my app to build my list and get engagement?

What makes our app platform different than other app technologies?

How does our platform save you money each month - as much as $300 - $500?

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How to Use Mobile Apps To
10X Your Reach, Impact & Monetize
your message with your own ecourses

Webinar Details:
September 30th @ 11am PST / 2pm EST

Webinar Details...

  • Webinar starts at 11am PST / 2pm EST on Thursday September 30th

  • If you attend LIVE you will get two bonuses: 1) a Premium Listing in the Xpert Insights Mobile app 2) Your ebook turned into a viral marketing tool (explained on the call) and 3) a FREE copy of the Ultimate Course Formula ebook by Iman Aghay.

  • To attend LIVE, click this Zoom link to attend the live webinar: Click Here on webinar day

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Webinar Replay - July 20th: Leadsology

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Learn Marketing steps & Strategies,
how to implement them, their benefits,
and how mobile apps improve their end results

Our JUne event is now over. New dates will be announced soon!

Here's what you'll learn...

  • The state of content sharing today and how apps change your overall effectiveness

  • How to build a big list and use push notifications to get up to 200% better engagement than email

  • How to run a virtual EVENT through your app

  • Specific strategies on turning your content into income and how makes that easier to do

  • How to run a virtual SUMMIT through your app

  • How to turn physical products into viral marketing tools

  • How to create, launch and market ecourses in your app and build your own elearning center

  • How to create and launch a virtual summit but have it delivered through your app to get 10x or better results

  • How to use your app to add value to your JV partners and get them sending traffic to your app

  • How to create a membership program and create monthly recurring income

  • How to leverage ready to go content, known as PLR content, to keep your app fresh and open up more income streams by selling and keeping 100% of the sales from this content.

  • AND MUCH MORE! The value of this information is game changing!

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  • Coaching session with a coach during event

  • $100 in digital marketing tools (viral marketing tool and an app account at Xpert Insights)

  • VIP ONLY: Post-event access to event recordings (need to attend live to get recordings - only for review purposes)

  • VIP ONLY: Digital Marketing Training and Action Package ($500 value)

  • VIP ONLY: your own Tracka'Card "10 Free Cards" website to distribute your cards and build your email list and push list if you have your own app.

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